First Cycle Application Procedure in Italy

The first cycle encompasses a bachelor degree program and a single-cycle degree program.

Application Procedure for a Bachelor Program and a Single-Cycle Program

  • Find out whether you belong to the EU or EU-equated Nationals i.e. “Categories of People”
  • Check admission requirements and courses available at the Italian Institutions: The list of 1st cycle degree programs offered by Italian universities are available online at the websites of the Ministry of Education, University and Research-MUIR (  and of the Ministry for Foreign Affair -MAE ( .
  • For EU nationals, EU-equated citizens and non-EU citizens living in Italy on a regular residence permit: They can apply directly to the chosen Italian institutions via online mode and submit their personal educational records or any other document issued by their home institutions.
  • For Non-EU applicants living outside Italy: They need to submit their pre-applications to the Italian diplomatic authorities (Embassies or Consulates). The Italian diplomatic authorities will then forward the admission application and attached documents to the concerned Italian institutions. Also, Non-EU students need to pass an Italian language test to be eligible for admission to Italian Institutions.


For EU Nationals and Eu-Equated Citizens

Compulsory documents to be submitted are as follows:
  • School leaving qualification, such as diploma or certificate in the original or a certified photocopy.
  • Dichiarazione di Valore in loco associated to your school leaving qualification;
  • 2 passport-size photographs, one of which must be certified
  • Copy of your residence permit issued by the able Italian police office (only for non-Eu citizens legally living in Italy)

For Non-EU Students Outside Italy

The Non-EU citizens residing overseas, who do not possess an Italian residence permit, must submit their formal pre-application to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence.

Pre-Application Procedure

The Non-EU students, who do not have an Italian stay permit, must present a pre-application request  to the Italian diplomatic representation in their state of abode. They can apply to a single Italian university and for a single course of study.
The able Italian diplomatic representation is the authority in charge for accepting their pre-applications and determining if they satisfy the prerequisites for the Study Visa.
The number of places reserved or available to such students (reserved quotas) is set every academic year by the Italian universities and put on the website of the Ministry of University and Research – MIUR   .
Applicants must submit to the Italian Embassy or Consulate the application Form A , along with the following documents:
  • School leaving qualification and certificate demonstrating the completion of one or two years of academic studies or a post-secondary title in case the educational system of their country lasts only 10 or 11 years. All qualifications must be translated into Italian, certified and accompanied by the Certificate of Equivalence of Qualification, i.e. Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco. 
Applicants must contact the Embassy or Consulate to know about their pre-application request status. If the application is accepted, the eligible applicants can collect their documentation and, once in Italy, submit it to the International Students Office as required by the institution for admissions. 

All students must submit the following documents at the time of admission:
  • The final school leaving qualification, officially translated into Italian, certified by the authorities of the country where it was achieved, along with the Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco (Certificate of Equivalence of Qualification) issued by the Italian Embassy of the same country .
  • Certificate demonstrating Italian Language Proficiency 
  • Admission Application Form A (for non-EU citizen’s resident abroad)
  • A Copy of a valid identity card or passport
  • Payment receipt of fees
  • Valid residence permit (for non-EU citizens).
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