Selecting the Right Program in Italy

Italy is rapidly earning a reputation as an excellent country for education. There are many different Universities in Italy to choose from, and finding the best fit or the best course of study will prove significant in defining your study abroad experience.

Taking into consideration the time that the entire process of “Selecting the right program” would take, it is suggested that the student commences with the process at least a year in advance or so afore the commencement of the academic term. 

Abide by the following steps:

Research and Shortlist

Search over the internet to make a list of courses and universities that seems best. After carefully analysing the pros and cons, make a final shortlist of the best universities in Italy.


Any other impending queries can be cleared with the university by getting in touch with the HR department of the respective university, either through an email or by making a call. The contact details are mentioned on each university’s official website. Visit the website of the shortlisted Universities, and know about the eligibility criteria, admission requirements and other necessary details of the course of study you wish to study in Italy.


After you have decided onto the course and university, without further wait, apply at the chosen University and course. 

Application Forms: The application form can either be downloaded from the university’s official website or can be obtained directly from university’s representatives based in the student’s home country (if available). Students can also request for the application form from the university’s website and fill and submit it online.

Admission Tests: All international students who desire to take up higher studies in Italy have to appear in an Italian exam organized and managed by individual institutions. The exam is intended to check a student’s level of proficiency in the Italian language and is compulsory to take in order to get admittance in any degree program.
Italian Language Requirement
  • The Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera or CILS) is acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is used by many Italian Higher education Institutions as an Italian language proficiency proof. 
  • The Certificate of Knowledge of Italian Language (Certificato di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana, CELI) is an internationally recognised qualification intended for the foreigners to demonstrate their Italian language competency.
Application Requirements: The students need to provide the university or visa authorities the documentary proof in support of proficiency in Italian language. All the relevant transcripts required for admittance to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd cycle degree programs in Italian universities need to be submitted to the university and visa authorities. All the documents must be translated in Italian. 

Student Visa and Grants

It takes a few days for the application to go through the entire screening process afore the institution substantiates about the admission to the student. Until then, the student can proceed forward with enquiring and gaining information about the visa formalities and arranging funds to pay for the tuition fee and other requisites, like travelling, accommodation, food and so on. When a positive corroboration is received by the student from the institutions, he/she can move ahead with applying for student’s visa and grants. Apply on time and maintain your documents beforehand only.
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