Single and Advanced Courses Application Procedure in Italy

Single courses are individual subject courses and have s shorter duration. While Advanced courses are the ones that enhances the skills and knowledge of the students and prepares them for future career paths. The advanced course duration vary but generally is of 3-6 months.

Admission procedure for EU and non-EU students with valid stay permit who wish to take a single course can apply into the chosen program directly by submitting the necessary academic documents or any other essential records needed by the particular institution. They need to hand in their complete application along with the documents to the International Students Office of the concerned University.

For non-European students who belong to other parts of the world and desire to study in Italy, they need to submit a pre-application to the Italian embassies or consulates. The Italian embassy or consulate will then forward their application and any attached documents to the Italian institutions concerned. 
A competency in the Italian language is of utmost importance. Non-EU Students need to provide evidence of the Italian language proficiency. 


  • A signed copy of the application
  • A degree/diploma/graduation certificate translated into Italian by an official translator and certified by the Italian diplomatic representation (Embassy or Consulate) in the country where the qualification was obtained;
  • Certificate of Equivalence of Qualification (Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco), issued by the Italian diplomatic representation.
  • Curriculum Vitae: It should include your skills, achievements, aims and interest. 
  • Valid Residence Permit (For Non-EU citizens).
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